Soul-based Partnerships for Entrepreneurs


2017 is a new age for the world of work: The Age of the Personal Brand. Instead of the traditional model of spending your adult life with a soul-sucking 9 to 5 job in a beige cubicle, you’re forging ahead with visionary, meaningful and deeply personal work. This exciting new frontier is filled with passion and purpose, but it’s not always easy. 

It can be exhausting and confusing staying focused and aligned while bootstrapping your business and building an ecosystem to support your uncompromising vision, all while eyeing “the competition” and their similar work. 

I'm here to say: You don’t have to do this alone! As a solopreneur, I am lucky to have built a tribe of supportive partnerships, in specific with my 'partner in shine' Yoga & Meditation teacher Lauren Lee, who I co-host international Yoga & Wellness Retreats with. We have found immense success (mind, body, spirit and wallet) through our collaboration and know that the path to the most abundant destination is not a solo journey, but best travelled together!

1) It All Starts With Heart:
Soul-fueled business starts with intentionally addressing a worthy cause. If the enthusiastic commitment to that cause is shared by all partners, it will serve as the indubitable compass for future progress and discovery. Disagreements, doubt and obstacles can exist in every business, and nothing is more detrimental and contagious than fear. But with the nourishing and galvanizing strength of shared purpose, you can always rely on seeing through the most difficult of trying times.  

If doubt sets in between us regarding about a retreat, workshop or otherwise, we always go back to the heart of our mission— bringing health, freedom and happiness to our students. If that mission is still being honored, regardless of any secondary goal, we know we’re still on the right track. This anchor allows us to be malleable in our approach, but loyal to our clearly defined, ultimate goal. This is the concrete, unshakeable foundation upon which our partnership has been built. 

Guiding questions: What are your personal values? What are your professional values? What are the values of the event or project you want to co-create? Where do they overlap— and are those overlaps powerful enough to rely on? 

2) More Than Money: 
Clearly define and agree on your metrics of profit. There are numerous ways to interpret the success of a project aside from financials and it’s imperative that you and your partner agree on what feels abundant.

Is the project still ‘successful’ if you didn’t hit your monetary goals, but you received valuable media coverage? If you created a foundational, important relationship with the venue for future events? If you now have photos and videos for use in promotion for the next project? If you made new industry connections, affiliates, and brand partnerships? If you received signups for your newsletter or a different program? 

Guiding questions: What are your personal metrics from ‘profit’? What are 10 ways to feel abundant, no matter the financial outcome, within this project? If you’re not seeing the profits you expected, what is the protocol for determining whether you comfortably switch gears, reschedule, or cancel? 

3) Overcome The Delegation Dilemma: 
Choose someone that complements your strengths.. and then surrender and trust their talents. Especially as a multi-hat wearing entrepreneur, it can be difficult to delegate. To utilize your time and energy, the most beneficial, potent and efficient partnerships are those that align with grace and ease. 

Lauren is a pro with retreat logistics, pricing and details, I have a knack for promotions and brand partnerships. We both can admit what tasks we’re excited about and what we’d rather delegate without shame or embarrassment. We both can truly appreciate and honor the strengths of the other without jealously or insecurity. We honor one another as an essential and incredibly valuable asset, and through that we both want to show up with integrity, honesty, and smart work. 

Guiding question: What is it going to take to properly plan and execute your venture? Together, make a general plan of action, including expected roles and responsibilities. Separately, make a personal list of responsibilities that genuinely excite you to complete. Together, compare lists and assign roles, settling on what feels exciting, fulfilling, and for the best for the project. 

4) The Whole Picture: 
Relationships are holistic. The most authentic way to truly have reverence for a partner within your project, you must also have reverence for their personal lives. Respect their boundaries, encourage self-care, support their other projects and partnerships. Trust and respect are also holistic, it’s impossible to lean fully into a project with someone if you do not respect their personal choices and this is something you should seriously consider before committing to co-create. 

Not only do we support one another in our outside endeavors, but we often find we can refer one another to many new partnerships! Instead of worrying about being stretched too thin and diverting energy away from our co-created projects, we trust that there’s enough room for us all— and that loving support, all around, is always the answer. 

Guiding questions: Do you and your partner have similar standards for self-care? Can you clearly define your needs outside of the workspace? (Ex: I need to be offline before 7PM each night, unless there’s an emergency). 

TORY DUBE is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Certified Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is the founder of Tory Dube Holistic Health (formerly 'Hotchickpea', founded in NYC). Tory writes for several health publications, is a children's book author, hosts international wellness retreats, and works with clients around the world. Follow her here:

Tory Dube

TORY DUBE is a certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle coach in NYC. After overcoming a 12-year stint with crippling anxiety, a people-pleasing addiction and an eating disorder, she's on a mission to free woman and teens from their own heavy food baggage. (Disclaimer, she has a bigger motive -- the less you're obsessing over your thigh-gap, the more you can show up in the world as your unique and perfectly imperfect self).