Sacred Solstice Blessings


The Solstice marks the seasonal turning point of the Universe which reminds us of the essential and elemental duality of life.

All around the world, we have the opportunity to honor the new cycle, whether we are in a Hemisphere that is welcoming Summer or Winter. 
Today represents a sacred opportunity to step into a new threshold, on all levels - physically, mentally and emotionally. 

In Tantric philosophy, the opposing forces of darkness and light are inextricably connected, and both hold equal weight for alchemy. The teachings encourage us to seek liberation within the world, not from the world. From this perspective, we can utilize each experience as a catalyst for our personal growth. 

And as we come to the full circle of our yearly calendar, we have the opportunity to welcome this precious transition with honesty to help us awaken into our highest Self in the New Year. 
Take time to sit with all that you've experienced, learned, accomplished and are feeling grateful for from 2017 and make a list of how you want to feel as you move into 2018. Reflect on what your heart is truly desires and how you can live in greater alignment with your values, intentions and dreams. 

May we clearly see and honor all that we are, both shadow and light. 

May we listen and follow the inner callings of the heart.

May we know the power we each hold to live each day with more freedom and love - and may we remember that by living from this place, we light up the entire world around us.


LAUREN LEE E-RYT 500 is passionate about living with purpose, exploring the world, and empowering others to live as their most authentic, radiant Self. Founder of Raise Your Beat, dedicated teacher and forever student on the path of yoga, she leads transformational workshops, retreats and trainings to awaken the individual and collective consciousness. Read more about her here

Lauren Lee

Lauren Lee is an E-RYT 500 Hour Anusara-Inspired teacher who lives, loves and learns around the globe. She aims to create sacred opportunities for students to explore and connect to their heart through the practices and philosophies of yoga. She effortlessly guides practitioners through intelligently sequenced classes, layered with themes that explore the full spectrum of life, further attuning, awakening and alchemizing the physical and subtle bodies.