Sacred Self-Care for Entrepreneurs

We are all here on this Earth with a mission, and the more we step into our Dharma (unique purpose) we are called to expand outwards and be of service. As change makers, we can easily fall into endurance mode, pushing or striving to cultivate more, in order to have a greater impact. However, these endless cycles of 'doing' to 'create' are not sustainable, and will always lead us to burn out status which leaves us feeling depleted, uninspired and unworthy. These feelings directly impact our own well-being, the integrity of our work, and those around us. These moments lead us far from our inner state of flow, and block the natural state of abundance and health that the entire planet holds for us.

In order to share the potency of work that we are here to create, we must move from a place of pleasure vs. pressure, connection vs. competition and love vs. stress. 

We must remember that there is perfect Divine timing for everything to bloom with sustainability to reach its full capacity.

Nature is our greatest teacher and shows us examples of how to live skillfully...

For example, the seedling of a flower will take time to soak up the water, nutrients and sunlight before sprouting. A seedling will also honor the most aligned time to knows not to bloom when the cold bitter winter winds are still alive, and not to endure through the end of summer as it will dry up in the hot blazing sun.

In our own lives, we can use the cycles in nature as our guide. In our work, it takes time to truly integrate teachings through study and practice. Our experiences in life must be soaked in attention (water) and intention (sunlight) in order to digest and sprout through our own words and actions authentically. The end result of this cycle is abundance through cultivation (the flower bud) which manifests through projects, events, collaborations, etc.

This cycle is seen over and over through many forms in nature and remind us to move forwards on our path with patience and intuition. Nature honors each cycle and never rushes -- She moves from a place of deep connection, knowing and trust. The seasons and cycle of each day are the guides of when is most beneficial to move inwards or expand outwards.

Often, it takes simple awareness, acknowledgment and acceptance that our bodies, brain and heart are feeling overloaded and that we are not in our natural state of flow. Once we clearly see that we are ignoring our own well-being, we can nurture ourselves to return to our natural states of abundance, in order to serve ourselves and the planet with our unique medicine. 

How to incorporate more Self-care into your daily life to prevent falling out of rhythm:

1. Make a list and let it go write down your ideas, visions and dreams -- and then give yourself permission to let it all go. With an ongoing list, you can rest easy that you don't have to keep it all at the forefront of your brain and instead make space for the most important daily tasks. Include a 15-30 minute weekly session and return to this list to see where you can begin to make small shifts towards the most important idea you want to focus on and cultivate. 

2. Tune in let your mind take a holiday from all the processing, planning and doing. Incorporate daily movement through excercise or asana and follow it with a deep restful relaxation such as a long Savasana or Yoga Nidra where you can tune out from any conscious activity in order to tune in to your body, breath and heart.

3. Tune out take a break from technology, and especially social media. While it can be inspiring to follow our peers and mentors, it can also keep us in constant states of comparison or seeking approval. Create periods of full detox throughout your week (or each day!) to focus on yourself and those around you through intentional conversation, playtime in nature and nourishing activities. 

4. Sleep! Sleep is essential for our bodies and minds to rejuvenate. This is one of the easiest ways to fall back into rhythm with nature's cycles -- aim to sleep before 10PM and rise before 6AM for the most restful and beneficial hours. Take small naps under 45 minutes when you are feeling drained and unproductive. Begin to see sleep as cleansing, supportive and healing -- not as lazy or unproductive.

5. Schedule Self-care in the same way you schedule your yoga class, business meeting or coffee with friends -- schedule daily Self-care and stick to it...even if it's only 10 minutes of meditation in the morning, a 15 minute walk in nature at lunch, and a chapter in your favorite book at night before sleeping. Small, simple and consistent are great rules to remember when creating more Self-care in your daily life. 

LAUREN LEE is passionate about holistic health, exploring the world and empowering others to live vibrant and happy lives. Founder of Raise Your Beat, dedicated yogini and sun seeker, she lives for creating connection and enjoying simple pleasures. Read more about her here

Lauren Lee

LAUREN LEE is passionate about holistic health, exploring the world and empowering others to live vibrant and happy lives. Founder of Raise Your Beat, dedicated yogini and sun seeker, she lives for creating connection and enjoying simple pleasures.