Mystical Yoga Farm

We checked out the inspiring retreat center and spiritual community, nestled on Lake Atitlan...

 Image provided by Mystical Yoga Farm

Image provided by Mystical Yoga Farm


RYB: How did Mystic Yoga Farm (MYF) begin? 

MYF: The Mystical Yoga Farm is a self-directed Retreat Center and Spiritual Community located on exquisite mystical Lake Atitlan, Guatemala, founded in 2008.

Focused on self-sustainability, organic connection with the environment, and feeding and nurturing the bodies and souls of yogis, teachers and healing practitioners, our desire is to heal the earth and its inhabitants through connection with nature and Spirit, the source of all of creation.

One of the primary principles that feeds us is that of ahimsa, harmlessness and the preservation of life, which radiates out in sustainable practices both inside and outside our walls.

As Founder Vedantin Ping Luo often reiterates ‘we do not own this land, we are simply caring for it, and as such it is with honor and love that we approach our relationship with this special piece of earth’.

Whatever your intention in coming to the Mystical Yoga Farm, whether for aYoga Teacher Training, Permaculture Design Course, Spiritual Retreat or as aLiving Community member, the Mystical Yoga Farm is a place to disconnect from the rush of everyday life and reconnect to Source in the Pathless Path.

RYB: What is the significance behind the location in Guatemala? 

MYF: The serenity of the surroundings at Lake Atitlan and the conscious living community found here, provide the perfect environment for this powerful process of release and renewal. 

With miles of open land and volcanoes to investigate, the tranquility of the mystical Lago Atitlan, outstanding yoga teachers and plentiful outdoor activities, such as kayaking and paddle boarding, MYF draws in a wonderful variety of ideas and offerings from all over the world.

Off the grid in a tranquil, roadless forest, Finca de Yoga Mística is an ongoing, real-time experiment in the practices of sustainable living.

Finding balance, reconnecting humans with nature through revived techniques of rural living, delicately woven together with the most up-to-date and appropriate technologies, is the objective.

RYB: What is the mission of MYF?

MYF: Wake up to bird sounds of the alpine jungle, meditate on the dock as mist drifts over the glassy water’s surface, open your heart as the sun rises above the volcanoes and dig your feet into the rich soil of Mother Earth. Expand your world and find your center, amidst the beauty of the Mystical Yoga Farm.

In this serene landscape, surrounded by volcanoes, lush greenery and healing waters, we live together in community, sharing all aspects of daily life as we incorporate the wisdom of yoga into each step.

Immerse yourself in the spiritual awakening that comes from sharing the beauty and wisdom of yoga with others. Become more than a yoga teacher.

Reveal your one true self. Join us at the conscious living community of Mystical Yoga Farm at Lake Atitlan in Guatemala.

RYB: What is unique about your retreat center?

MYF: The Mystical Yoga Farm is a unique place that offers a special opportunity to live on the land and with nature, as you take rest from your everyday life and immerse yourself in the true practices of yoga, both on and off the mat.

RYB: Give us insight into the community at MFY: 

MYF: The Mystical Yoga Farm is a conscious spiritual living community of space holders from all walks of life, with all forms of talents and gifts to share. The farm offers a unique opportunity to live intentionally with groups of healers and yogis. You are invited to join us to learn from the land as you dive deep into developing your personal practice.

You will experience the daily events of our retreat center, living a yogic lifestyle in a thriving transformational community.

RYB: Give us insight into a typical day at MYF:

 Image provided by Mystical Yoga Farm

Image provided by Mystical Yoga Farm

MYF: Early morning sunrise to epic beauty, guided meditation and morning asana practice, followed by a wholesome breakfast. The afternoon begins with karma yoga tribal work hours, lunch and optional afternoon spiritual classes, Spanish lessons or workshops. The days finish with another amazing meal and evening events. The days here are full of inspiration and opportunities to learn, as well as time to heal through deep rest and mother nature.

RYB: How do you practice sustainability?

MYF: We focus on self-sustainability on the farm through an organic connection with the environment. MYF also partners with local and global community programs. Our desire is to heal the earth and its inhabitants through connection with nature and Spirit, the source of all of creation.

RYB: What has been the most inspiring aspect of opening MYF?

MYF: Divine connection with the land, with the Mayan culture, with our global community. Witnessing transformation on all levels.

RYB: What has been the most challenging aspect of opening MYF?

MYF: Maintaining sustainability at our location which isn't accessible by road.

RYB: Where do you see MYF in 5 years? 

MYF: We are continuing to expand our efforts in community outreach and service projects. We are also continuing to expand our facility while incorporating new sustainable building projects and efforts to minimize our impact. We hope to grow our permaculture garden even more so that we can provide all of the food for our retreats and yoga teacher trainings directly from the land.

RYB: How can people be involved in MYF?

MYF: There is a vibrant conscious exchange program with opportunities for you in land development, permaculture gardening, sustainable food growth and preparation, and other areas. Conscious staff keeps our communities thriving with their dedicated work ethic, expansive talent and open hearts.

If you have felt a calling to host retreats or workshops in Guatemala, we invite you to work with us creatively to share a tranquil experience in the transformational Mystical Yoga Farm setting.

You can also get involved in JUSTA, in collaboration with Mystical Yoga Farm, is dedicated to improving educational opportunities, promoting alternative education methods as well as healthy living, bodies, and minds in the community of San Antonio Chacaya, a predominantly coffee-farming indigenous Mayan village where Tz’utujil is spoken, in Lake Atitlán, Solola, Guatemala.

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