Move your Body

If you're emotionally stuck, move your body.

Your physical movement is intrinsically connected to your mental and emotional movement. 

Remember how we are a sum of our smallest parts? And our smallest parts are little vibrating balls of energy? If you can't get that stinky thought energy moving with mere thought power, spoon feed it to yourself with literal power.

After a fight, ducks shake their bodies to release the pent up angry energy. 

That is brilliant. 

Take it from the ducks: 

If you can't see someone else's perspective, touch your toes and flip your head upside down.

(1. It's silly and will dissipate the frustration.

2. It'll get some blood flowing to your brain cells.

3. Spoon feed a [literal] new perspective to yourself.)

If you have the chance to go for a walk during a heated conversation, take it.

Instead of standing in the same spot and building a cloud of stinky energy, you'll be moving and the negativity won't get a chance to pile up.

If you're pissed, sad, annoyed, hurt... shake it off. (Or, exercise it off). 

9/10 times if I am feel crappy, a run or trip the gym will do the trick. 

If you're feeling small, move big. DANCE IT OUT. Ham it up. Stretch it out. If you want emotional expansion, create bodily expansion.

If you're mentally and emotionally stuck in your comfort zone, push yourself out of your physical comfort zone.

Your mental and emotional self will follow. (I get my best ideas when I am kicking my own butt while running.)

Take time today to move in new, creative ways and explore more physical and mental freedom!

Originally posted in January Jumpstart!

TORY DUBE is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Certified Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is the founder of Tory Dube Holistic Health (formerly 'Hotchickpea', founded in NYC). Tory writes for several health publications, is a children's book author, hosts international wellness retreats, and works with clients around the world. Follow her here:

Tory Dube

TORY DUBE is a certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle coach in NYC. After overcoming a 12-year stint with crippling anxiety, a people-pleasing addiction and an eating disorder, she's on a mission to free woman and teens from their own heavy food baggage. (Disclaimer, she has a bigger motive -- the less you're obsessing over your thigh-gap, the more you can show up in the world as your unique and perfectly imperfect self).