Kirsty Norton

We hung out with Kirsty Norton, Mama, yogini and founder of Yoga Luxe who shared her journey into yoga...

RYB: When did you first fall in love with yoga?

KN: It was love at first sight, I walked out of my first class knowing I had found something that made me feel so connected, peaceful and calm. It has been like a relationship over the 19 years too with its ups and downs but always growing stronger.

RYB: The best thing your yoga practice has given you:

KN: A way to find stillness in a hectic life. The past few years have been really tough with my mom dying quite suddenly, a relationship break up when my daughter was only 6 months and moving cities. Thank goodness I had the tools to be able to help me keep some sense of balance and connectedness.

RYB: Three words that best describe your classes?

KN:  Designed with love

RYB: The best piece of advice given to you:

KN: Make sure you keep your own teacher. I learnt the hard way that if you're not topping up your practice and teaching all the time then sooner or later you'll burn out.

RYB: One 'yoga myth' you would like to set straight:

KN: I wish I could rebrand yoga to remove all the preconceived ideas people have about it. You don't have to be bendy, you don't have to look a certain way or eat a certain way. Come as you are and allow yourself to receive this gift of connecting to yourself. It is SUCH A GIFT and touching your toes may be a by-product of what happens but when you sample the nectar of that connection then you'll realise the whole point of yoga. 

RYB: One of your funniest yoga experiences?

KN: I have so many - my daughter is now 3 and loves to join in 'oga' as does my dog. I do get the joy of having a quiet practice sometimes but usually each morning it's a group affair with both of them wanting to join in. It makes me laugh a lot. This video sums up what I'm saying: watch it here  

RYB: One of your top yoga experiences?

KN: I have just come back from Sri Lanka where I had the most profound experience. I had a 1:1 with the teacher (Wenche Beard) and felt an awakening - we were working with shifting this weight I have had around my heart centre which sometimes makes me feel like I can't breathe properly. During this 1:1 I felt totally connected to everything, my body went into convulsions and shook as if it was shifting this 'weight' and I felt electrical impulses running through my body. My hands were paralysed which sounds pretty shocking but actually the whole thing had the most wonderful tone to it. Incredible. I felt at one with everything and everyone. What a gift. 

RYB: You are based in Brighton, but frequent London often. What's one thing you love to do there?

KN: I love the South Bank, there's always great cultural and art events happening and because its alongside the Thames the views are always great. My favourite time of day (anywhere in the world) is dusk, I love that magical feeling when the lights start to come on and give off this twinkly effect. There's a sense of excitement as night is about to fall and what the evening holds ahead. South Bank is a great place to be at dusk.

RYB: Favorite place to unwind and relax:

KN: Oh I have so many places I enjoy relaxing, in the woods near my home, lying in a hammock, my bed, a massage table, my yoga mat. My big quest is to remember to slow things down to make sure I'm getting enough time to relax as I'm a 'do-er'.

RYB: Where do you see 'Kirsty Norton Yoga' in the next few years?

KN: I'm enjoying Instagram and making a connection with people from across the world. I want to provide a useful portal for people interested in yoga. I hope to offer seminars and trainings that are inspiring and transformational. I want people to get excited that they've found my site, as if they've discovered a treasure chest of information and goodies that will assist their own lives. I have recently founded Yoga Luxe, an online store which sells beautiful 'gifts that give back' with 5% gifted to charity. 

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