Kirsten Merinda

Meet Kirsten, artist, dreamer and creator.


RYB: How and when did art become a part of your life?

KM: I was an artist before I held a brush, like every one of us.

RYB: How have you seen your art evolve over the years?

KM: Pencil was my first love, as soon as I could pick up a pencil. As an adolescent, I was introduced to oil paint, which then evolved to working with watercolor, encaustic and now mixed media. I have arrived where I always saw my art, which is expansive, oceanic and celestial.

RYB: Currently, what are 3 themes (or aspects) that are influencing your art?


  • Nature, plants, personal dreams and growth.
  • Recent risk taking and stepping into new territory.
  • The experience of observing the world shift and evolve.

RYB: What are 3 simple pleasures that always bring you inspiration for your art work:


  • Water and sky. 
  • Integrating obstacles.
  • Incorporating plants and natural remedies daily.

RYB: When your not creating art, where can we find you?


  • Bathing in the sunshine and water, either somewhere totally comfortable, or somewhere totally new. I love both stability and adventure and every step in between.
  • Nestled at home creating potions with my husband.
  • With my friends and family, or within the community.

RYB: When/how did your love for yoga begin?


KM: During high school, though more intentionally in college. Since then, it's evolved to more of a less physically active process and more real time, real life experience, which can be the most challenging aspect of yoga...until I surrender.

RYB: How has yoga shaped your art?

KM: It is a reminder that we can and do survive and thrive through uncomfortable experiences.

RYB: How has your art shaped your yoga practice?

KM: Life is yoga, yoga is art, art is is all connected.

RYB: What is a dream you would like to manifest in the next 5 years? 

KM: Feeling free and peaceful...and sharing this with the world. At our core, this is more us than anything we can put our finger on, or identify.

RYB: What is the best piece of advice you would tell your younger self? 

KM: Trust yourself. Trust the unfolding.


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