Kirsten Cobabe

Meet Kirsten, artist, feeler, dreamer and creator.


RYB: How and when did art become a part of your life?

KC: I was an artist before I held a brush.

RYB: How have you seen your art evolve over the years?

KC: Pencil was my first love, as soon as I could pick up a pencil. As an adolescent, I was introduced to oil paint, which then evolved to watercolor pieces, including a children’s book. More recently, I have explored with encaustic work, a process of melting wax onto canvas. This came through during a period of healing and represents the elements and their role in our lives.

RYB: Currently, what are 3 themes (or aspects) that are influencing your art?


  • The love in my life, my fiancé.
  • The belief in the universe and that we are all connected.
  • The hope I hold for the future, which is inspired by the young people I am so beyond fortunate to work with.

RYB: What are 3 simple pleasures that always bring you inspiration for your art work:


  • Spending time in nature.
  • Being around my twin flame and fiancé.
  • Raw human emotion.

RYB: When your not creating art, where can we find you?


  • Bathing in the sunshine.
  • Sharing space and time my partner and working on our project, New Parent Paradigm, which is an empowering curriculum for parents, adolescents, and families.
  • Day dreaming.
  • Growing with the young people of this community.
  • Shooting my arrows at the house where I was born.

RYB: When/how did your love for yoga begin?

KC: During high school, though more purposefully in college.

RYB: How has yoga shaped your art?

KC: It is a reminder of breath for me, and also the reminder that we can and do survive and thrive through uncomfortable experiences.

RYB: How has your art shaped your yoga practice?

KC: I tend to dive fully into my experiences, which means practicing yoga sometimes occurs as much as every day or as little as once every two months. Many variables influence how and where my energy is directed, as our self-care and expression continue evolving.

RYB: What is a dream you would like to manifest in the next 5 years? 

KC: A dream that I am manifesting is - traveling the world with my husband, researching and engaging others in our New Parent Paradigm curriculum.   

RYB: What is the best piece of advice you would tell your younger self? 

KC: Everything is possible. It is all perfect.  

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