Fuel yourself First

Your Love Tank is a basin, the size of the universe, that sits within you.

(When speaking about love, space and time don't matter -- it's infinite and your power to share it is infinite too.)

So this Love Tank -- it's where you find the stock for all the lovin' you shell out. It's where you'd find patience, understanding, empathy, compassion, kindness, and generosity. Some people even have some unconditional love stored up, too.

Everything in the tank is meticulously cultivated. It's grown by you. And it only grows when you bestow this same kindness (patience, empathy, compassion, generosity, unconditional love) for yourself.

Because you can only give what you already have. If there's nothing in the tank, you've got nothing to share.

If you don't have patience with yourself, you won't have patience for others.

If you can't let go of criticism for yourself, you won't be able to let it go for others.

If you don't have kindness, integrity, unconditional love for yourself-- you won't have it for others.

Many times the lack of self-love in the tank manifest in these ways:

"I only attract loser girls/guys who treat me like crap."
"No one appreciates me at work."
"Every terrible always happens to me."

The BEST news is, you have the power to change what you think of yourself -- and everyone/everything else will follow!


1. What's stocked in your Love Tank? Purge the BS.
2. What would you like stocked in there? GROW IT (for yourself) LIKE THE WORLD IS ENDIN'.

TORY DUBE is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Certified Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is the founder of Tory Dube Holistic Health (formerly 'Hotchickpea', founded in NYC). Tory writes for several health publications, is a children's book author, hosts international wellness retreats, and works with clients around the world. Follow her here: www.torydube.com

Lauren Lee

LAUREN LEE E-RYT 500 is passionate about living with purpose, exploring the world, and empowering others to live as their most authentic, radiant Self. Founder of Raise Your Beat, dedicated teacher and forever student on the path of yoga, she leads transformational workshops, retreats and trainings to awaken the individual and collective consciousness. Read more about her here