Flavia Kämpf

Inspired by Flavia Kämpf - Mama of two gorgeous girls, yogini, and surfer, shares with us her project Mamalovesme....


RYB: How and when did you fall in love with yoga?

FK: Although I had already been practicing yoga for 15 years, I really fell in love only about 3 years ago, when I realized a deeper concept of yoga that isn’t performed on the mat.

RYB: How would you describe your teaching style?

FK: Calm, grounded and always trying to add/create a pinch of awareness.

RYB: You are the founder of Mamalovesme, what is the vision?

FK: mamalovesme believes that a holistic approach adds more depth to the huge range of experience that pregnancy, birth and motherhood hold. It’s a journey, sometimes smooth sometimes rocky, sometimes fun and sometimes mindful. we are here accompany you on it.

RYB: You are a mother yourself, how has this changed the way you view the world?

FK: Nothing else is important when you’re watching a snail crawl up a leaf (and this repeated 4 times). Children understand the true concepts of the universe and being able to take a glimpse of this, as an adult, it is a challenging (dear patience) but also a unique, humble and most precious experience.

RYB: How has being a mother changed your own yoga practice and teaching?

FK: My practice has become softer, more self assure and self forgiving and feminine.

RYB: Where do you see Mamalovesme evolving in the future?

FK: More into creation - creation of life (fertility).

RYB: One of your most memorable yoga experiences?

FK: Funny enough neither on a cliff, beach or mountain top but in a very plain little studio with the amazing yoga teacher LuNa. The atmosphere during and after the class was calm, magical and there was this moment where you felt you understand the BIG picture and felt being a part of it.

RYB: 3 things you remind yourself of daily:


  • Breathe life into your thoughts
  • Trust your innate wisdom
  • Watch the snail (see answer no. 4) without judgment and you might discover a whole new world

RYB: Currently, what inspires you?

FK: My daughter, Morocco and our new kitchen

RYB: One piece of advice you would tell your younger self:

FK: Living your best present is creating your best future. So stop planning ahead too much.

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