Make the Distinction

You've got a biological human body-- and it operates like a machine. Many of your responses are mechanical -- like fear. When you're in a situation that's outside of your small comfort zone, your alarms go off so you can find safety asap.

Then you've got a spirit-- a spark of light and energy within you that defies scientific explanation and cannot be replicated in a lab. All we know about our spirits is they're as unique as fingerprints, and the more we express our uniqueness in our lives, the happier, more peaceful, more in the flow we feel. We also know that this spirit acts as our 6th sense, our guiding intuition that helps us know where and how to be, and when.

How do we know when something feels 'uncomfortable' because of a biological alarm or because it's going against our guiding intuition? Learning how to distinguish between the two is the most powerful growth tool you could have in your toolbox.

Start here: Ask, 'Will I grow from this? Will this growth get me closer to my happy, my peace, my flow?'

If yes, your fears are just mechanical. If no, your intuition may be telling you it's not the right move for you.

Take time to reflect, listen to your inner voice and follow what your physical and emotional body tells you.

TORY DUBE is a Holistic Nutrition Specialist, Certified Life Coach and Certified Hypnotherapist through Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She is the founder of Tory Dube Holistic Health (formerly 'Hotchickpea', founded in NYC). Tory writes for several health publications, is a children's book author, hosts international wellness retreats, and works with clients around the world. Follow her here:

Tory Dube

TORY DUBE is a certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle coach in NYC. After overcoming a 12-year stint with crippling anxiety, a people-pleasing addiction and an eating disorder, she's on a mission to free woman and teens from their own heavy food baggage. (Disclaimer, she has a bigger motive -- the less you're obsessing over your thigh-gap, the more you can show up in the world as your unique and perfectly imperfect self).