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We caught up with Sageer from Creative Mind Tinz (who created unique icons on RYB!) who shares his insight on visual communication... 


RYB: What is the mission behind Creative Mind Tinz?

CMT: Creative Mind Tinz is a visual storytelling agency. We absolutely love the art of telling stories through visual content. Our mission is to use high quality visuals to convey a story to a target audience.

RYB: What services do you currently provide?

CMT: Our services are two-fold. First, we provide social media strategy where we give your social media profile a structure and direction. We determine the frequency, style and type of content, tone etc. which will achieve your intended target. We come up with creative and engaging campaign ideas to boost your profile’s exposure and following. We understand that each social media platform is different in terms of its users/brand, therefore we adapt the strategy accordingly.

Second, we produce amazing high quality visual content through photography and videos. All we need to know is your targeted end result, and we will take care of the rest.

We support brand and visual identity as well. As long as we can add a bit of creativity, we are more than happy to hear about your project.

RYB: What is unique about Creative Mind Tinz?

CMT: Our approach to each project. We don’t have one standard approach because it’s unfair and unchallenging. Instead we adapt our method and process to the individual client, so we can deliver results that are truly unique and special to that particular brand.

I believe we have a team that truly cares about the work we do and relish building a relationship with our client. This keeps the entire experience intimate and our clients never feel neglected or lost!

RYB: Describe how Creative Mind Tinz uses ‘reverse engineering’?

CMT: Well seeing as we are creatively different, we start from the results and work our way back. Figure out the steps and the content to use. This ensures that we never lose sight of the results.

RYB: What is the importance of visuals in modern day culture?

CMT: Visuals are super important in modern day culture because it is one of the most predominant means of communication. With the explosion of social media platforms such as Instagram, along with an overload of information and content through media (television, magazines, advertisements) people have much shorter attention spans. This means that you not only have to stand out in a massive pool of content, but also find a way to capture and engage the viewers. This is where visuals (photos, videos, infographics etc) come into play.  At a glance the viewer a can easily scan and digest the information. If a viewer chooses to engage with the visuals - by liking, commenting, sharing - then it has served its purpose. Therefore it is important to understand the current trend that the average attention span on social media is 8 seconds and visuals allow you to tap into those 8 seconds effectively and efficiently. Most important is that each brand is uniquely represented in a way which is intriguing, engaging and authentic to them.

RYB: How has social media changed the way in which businesses grow?

CMT: In my opinion it has humanised businesses and brands. Before the explosion of social media ‘we’ as consumers always felt like we couldn’t really connect and communicate with businesses due to vertical interaction. However nowadays it is more of a horizontal interaction between businesses and consumers. Social media has helped to remove barriers and brought us closer to the businesses we love through accessibility and interaction. That is a major change!

RYB: What are your top 3 tips on how businesses should effectively use social media for their benefit?


Don’t forget to show the human side of your business. Show that you business has a soul and it isn’t just another ‘corporation’. People in turn will be able to identify with your business.

  • DO NOT SELL! If you sell your services or products overtly on social media you will mostly likely not see any benefits because people scroll past anyone selling anything on social media. Instead, post in a tasteful way and perhaps think of selling the idea/philosophy/vision behind your business.
  • Build a community of followers. And reward them! They in turn will do all your marketing for you.

RYB: What is your 5 year vision for Creative Mind Tinz?

CMT: The 5 year vision is a major player in the digital and social media world. To creatively push the boundaries on how stories are told and received. AND also to continue to produce high quality,  stunning amazing, fantastic, and inspiring visual content.

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