Bjorn Turnquist

We spoke with studio owner and yoga teacher, Bjorn, who shared with us a bit about his yoga journey and advice for new students...

RYB: How and when did you fall in love with yoga?

BT: About 8 years ago. I took my first yoga class because I wanted to touch my toes. I did the Bikram practice for about a year, but then ventured into the Astanga and Vinyasa world, thanks to my now wife Jody. I fell in love with it because it made me feel better and access deeper parts of my body and brain. There is no way I could go through life without it now. 

RYB: How would you describe your teaching style?

BT: Fluid, commanding, inspiring, aware, funny, challenging (if all goes right)

RYB: What is inspires you at the moment?

BT: Other yoga teachers and their ability to create classes that connect with all students. Their courage to get up in front of a room and do their best.

You are the founder of 3 Bridges Yoga which has 3 locations across the seacoast...

RYB: What is 3BY’s mission?

BT: To make yoga accessible and successful for all and to grow the practice of yoga. We believe that the more people doing yoga, the better the world will be. 3 Bridges focuses on student success and accessibility, so that we can bring yoga to the masses. We like to think of our yoga as modern day vinyasa yoga, that combines modern day movement and alignment principles, with the lineage and philosophy of the ancient masters. New world meets old world.

RYB: How do you see 3BY evolving in the future?

BT: Going online with our yoga classes, increasing our teacher trainings, offering more yoga retreats and additional locations. More meditation classes and workshops.

RYB: What is the best part of being a part of the seacoast’s yoga community?

BT: The diversity of yoga studios and yoga practitioners. There is yoga for everyone here and it’s great to see growth in the number of people who practice. A prime example is that all the yoga studios get together and offer free classes in the park in the summer. The class we taught had about 60 people in it, and I knew about 15 of the students. It just shows there is yoga for everyone and it’s only going to grow. There is enough for everyone.

RYB: What is one of your most memorable yoga experiences, why?

BT: Teaching with live music from Girish is one. He’s got such a soulful voice and songs are inspiring that it’s an honor to teach with him, and the student experience is awesome.

My favorite moment is when a 'normal' drop in day to day class turns into a timeless experience. This either happens practicing, where the teacher leads you just right, or as a teacher where you are able to really connect on a deep level with those in the room and say the exact right thing for one or all.

RYB: What is one of your funniest yoga experiences, why? 

BT: Teaching a new student the other day. He was a guy, brand new and I led them through a beginners class. It was a great class and I had a beautiful song for savasana, and then I dropped the ipod and it made a loud noise. The guy preceded to yell out “you ruined the whole thing, dude!”  I thought it was funny and shows that I did teach a good class and that it’s ok to make noise in a yoga class.

RYB: 3 things you remind yourself of daily:


  • Breathe 
  • Be kind
  • Allow

RYB: What is one thing you would like to share with anyone who is new to yoga?

BT: DO IT and stick with it! Just make it part of your life. Even if your life is good, it will make it better. We all need a practice for the real game, and yoga is it. 

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