Ashley Evans

Meet Ashley Evans, who shares with us her passion for yoga and travel and exciting project Chalet Gaurdian...


RYB: How and when did you fall in love with yoga?

AE: I fell in love with yoga when I was a child. My mum introduced me to yoga in our small country town and I followed on my own at Uni. I must admit, the days from Power have softened by Iyengar's alignment and understanding of more accessible variations . Most recently I have been inspired by my mum's teacher training course which focuses very much on the exhalation and sequences breath throughout transitions in each pose. I'm loving it! You might have picked up that my relationship with yoga and my mum is pretty special!

RYB: How would you describe your classes?

AE: My classes are certainly a combination of all my learnings. Dependent upon the day, the students, and the type of class I am teaching. It could have some strong sequences, or it could very much involve being wrapped around a bolster, propped up by blocks, blankets and an eye pillow. 

You recently have combined your passion for travel and yoga…tell us a bit about your project Chalet Guardian….

RYB: What is Chalet Guardians mission?


AE: Chalet Guardian (CG) aims to allow people with a sense of adventure to find themselves in the Alpes. I landed a job as a Chalet Guardian, which means I am the house keeper. This house happens to be 1850 meters up a mountain surrounded by beautiful ski fields in France. I enjoy cooking nice meals and teach après ski yoga to the family who own this house. CG is a profile based site that allows people to have their own profile, search and connect with people who own or rent chalets. It is then up to them as to the experience they create. 

RYB: What inspired you to create a site like CG?

AE: During my time teaching yoga in Guatemala on a sustainable retreat The Yoga Forest, I came up with the idea to connect people. I realised there is a need for jobs like this, along with plenty of people who would love to have one, even if just for a season. Certainly, there is time for thought when you have no electricity, nature and plenty of open minded people to share ideas with! 

RYB: What are your future plans for CG? 

AE: I want to let CG grow organically. My goal is to create a community of like-minded people who enjoy similar experiences to me. I want to people to be inspired by nature and beautiful environments. A future plan for CG is to incorporate my photography and document my experiences which will hopefully encourage others to experience an opportunity through CG. 

RYB: What has been your coolest yoga experience, why?

AE: My favourite yoga experience is a tough one - I have a few! Certainly combining all my loves (yoga, skiing, nature) and being involved in organising the Chamonix festival in France is up there. A little closer to home though, is our yoga studio at Wallabi Point, NSW. A few years back some local surfers asked if I would teach them yoga postures. They loved yoga, brought me chutney as a thank you and eventually this ritual turned into weekly classes. They even brought a donation box which is still there today, however it is no longer me who teaches, as I move across the globe, my mum has made it her own ritual - I am so proud! 

Fill in the blanks…

Yoga reminds me daily to be: 


If I could jump on a plane tomorrow and travel here, I would go:

high up in the mountains, anywhere in the Alpes! 

If I could have lunch with one person it would be:

I think you can guess who I would choose! My wonderful mum.

Top 3 reasons why I love to travel:

Openminded people and inspiration

Vast open spaces


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