Lauren has been a dedicated student on the path of yoga for over a decade. She has a fierce desire to practice and share the gifts of yoga with others. Her vast world travels, diverse yoga experiences and drive to positively impact the world shines through her teachings.

Lauren’s asana teachings reflect a fusion of breath, movement and stillness. Through an alignment based Vinyasa Flow she aims to bring accessibility to all students, with modifications to simplify of intensify any given pose.

Through intelligent sequencing and intuition, Lauren encourages students to explore their bodies and breath to build inner strength, clarity and grace.

She aims to create an empowering experience for each individual to encourage an awakening of the collective. 

Connection to the heart and community is central to her teaching. 

Lauren's classes are a seamless integration of Asana (physical postures), Pranayama (mindful breathing), Dhyana (meditation) and Vedic philosophy. She is deeply inspired by the Anusara and Hatha lineages, by organic movement of the body and the intrinsic creative pulse within and around us.

She is inspired by life’s experiences (both beautiful and challenging) that allow her to endlessly evolve through her own practice.

Lauren follows her heart and shares her journey through her many projects and collaborations. She is founder of Raise Your Beat (online platform for inspiration through holistic living) Wild Vibes (celebration of music, yoga & art through festivals and retreats that give back to charity) and devoted assistant to Suzanne Slocum-Gori (Ibiza based yoga instructor, owner of One Yoga in Vancouver).  


Lauren creates an environment of realness in her classes, a place where you can step onto the mat and expand into your breathe, and feel safe. She parallels the yoga experience on the mat with the human journey in the world. Bringing yoga philosophy, pranayama, and alignment into each class, Lauren leaves you feeling loved, light and complete. She is passionate about sharing yoga on and off the mat as a way of life, and this shows in her teaching. Your first class or your 500th, Lauren offers different options and modifications for all levels. Diving into the spiritual practice of yoga and meditation, nature and the elements always play a part in Lauren's thoughtfully planned class. Motivating, beautiful, and a true yoga experience.

- Sarah Oleson, Yoga Teacher

I've had the immense pleasure of not only experiencing Lauren Lee as a yoga teacher, but also as a business partner.  Lauren is attentive, kind, and fabulously talented as a teacher. She understands that everybody and every body is unique, and she strives to celebrate and honor every student. Lauren is continually traveling the globe to further her trainings, and openly shares her gained wisdom and perspective. 

Even more important, Lauren is compassionate, intuitive and driven as a partner and friend. Her standard of excellence is unrivaled, and I feel incredibly lucky to have her in my life, business and personal. 

- Tory Dube, Holistic Health Coach


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Retreats offer us an immersion into ourselves and community. Removed from our responsibilities and distractions of daily life, we can more easily focus our attention within. Gorgeous locations abundant in nature (and sunshine!), consistent practices in body and mind (asana, pranayama and contemplation), high vibe wholesome foods, and a like-minded, positive community all work to support transformation. As a teacher, this is the greatest witness students connect with their inner strength, grace, creativity - and leave feeling rejuvenated and inspired.

When we individually tap into the heart, the possibilities as a collective are endless!

- Lauren Lee ›› leading retreats since 2013