My first trip to India left an inspiring impact on me - my heart and mind were opened in ways I had never expected. It has become a very special place for me as it is the place I first began a serious yoga practice and was exposed to a more balanced lifestyle in both body & mind.

India is a place which is rich in culture, nature and spirituality, which makes it the perfect place to unwind, log off and reconnect with whats truly important in life: health and harmony in the body, clear and happy minds and a spiritual connection bringing purpose, devotion and love into our lives. I am very excited to offer a retreat at Lotus Yoga Retreat - set in tropical Southern Goa and hope you will join me for these deeply transformational retreats.

I will be offering 2 retreats, each with their own theme to immerse you deeper. Both retreats will include Asana, Pranayama, Meditation & Philosophy and will be beneficial for all levels of yoga. 

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I started going to hot yoga classes while in University during the bitter cold New England winters. I was curious about yoga but intended to get nothing more than a good sweat. I instantly felt a difference in my body and mind and followed these internal sensations. After graduating I fed my appetite for travel and fulfilled a dream of traveling to India. I began my journey volunteering at a family run yoga retreat in the Southwest corner of India. I was instantly enchanted by my new home, Lotus Yoga Retreat, and everything that accompanied it: Mother India and her smells, yoga in all shapes, forms and styles and the thrill of living in an exotic country. I became aware of an entirely new way of living: a life more simple, spiritual and healthy in both body & mind. 

Throughout my time practicing and studying, I have found a deep connection to the philosophies of yoga. Yoga helps me to release parts of me I no longer need, and creates space for more nourishing qualities such as compassion, kindness, patience & clarity. Yoga reminds me daily to be grateful, smile and stay grounded. The best part of yoga is that it is a never ending process. We are always students (on and off the mat) and are blessed with the opportunity to heal & transform. To become the most happy & healthy version of ourselves, and then share this positivity with others. 

I am thrilled to share the ancient Vedic sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda in a place that is very dear to my heart. Our practices will be a fusion, flowing through tradition incorporating 'mahabhutas' the 5 Ayurvedic elements, pranayama, meditation and philosophical lectures for theory & inspiration. You will gain strength, natural flexibility and most important, rejuvenate the body & mind. You will have a welcoming and supportive space for your journey inward and will leave feeling refreshed and nourished.  

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Inspired by the abundance of Mother Earth, Lotus Yoga Retreat is set in a lush forest valley at a rustic eco-village called Kaama Kentha. Rather than opposing or suppressing nature they have sought to unify and create harmony with the surrounding landscape. The exquisite jungle lodges have been designed to work in harmony with the natural surroundings. Fast growing bamboo, clay, stones and leaves are the main materials used in Lotus Yoga’s eco-friendly design. As well as having minimal impact on the surrounding environment, building in this way allows guests to get closer to nature by staying in accommodation which actually feels as though it’s part of the lush habitat. If you have ever dreamt of living in paradise — this is it.

Relax in a healthy environment, recharge for new projects and try out new activities — art, holistic health, spa treatments, jungle hikes and community events onsite.

Lotus Yoga which provides a perfect spot to observe monkeys, birds and butterflies and discover tropical nature — located in an abundant green valley, with a clear creek in beautiful South Goa, Lotus Yoga offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in holistic living. 

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India is a country like no other. Incredible and diverse terrain, unique spice infused cuisine and some of the worlds most ancient and spiritual cultures create a country infused with beauty and soul. It is a country full of mystery and playful unpredictability.  A journey to   India is a constant exploration through new experiences and will continue to offer moments which have the power to alter the way in which you view the world and yourself. 

Goa is often called the ‘Pearl of the Orient’. It is full of pleasant surprises; charming little villages with colorful churches; lush rice fields lined with Hindu temples and a gorgeous 100 kilometre long coastline lined with coconut palm trees. 

While Goa is the smallest state in India, it is rich in both wealth, natural resources and culture. Goa is shaped by its Indian and Portuguese heritage as the state was under Portuguese rule from 1510 - 1961. This European influence is still very evident among the Colonial style architecture. It’s history has shaped Goa into a melting pot, a fusion of Hindu tradition and international flavor. 

Goa is a fabulous place to travel, as Westerners as welcomed and you can comfortably    enjoy the pristine beaches in your bikini. English is widely spoken among locals who are   involved with tourists - shops, taxis, internet cafes, restaurants, hotels, etc. 

Due to the laid back ‘paradise’ feel of Goa (especially relative to other areas in India) we can easily forget that we are traveling in a foreign country.  Be prepared for the electricity to come and go (yes, that means limited internet access at times). Expect to overpay simply because you are Western (although haggling is very much accepted and a part of the culture). Be aware that things take time while in India (transportation, hot water, meals out at restaurants, etc.) Simple things we have access to every day at home may not be available in India. 

Those who have been before, know that India is a whole new world. It is a country full of beauty and spiritually, yet sometimes we only see this once our perspective has been shifted. We need to keep our minds open to find the beauty, humor and love in each and every situation. Traveling outside your ‘normal’ context of daily life and comforts is the perfect place to practice the true philosophy of yoga:  patience, kindness, compassion. With an open mind you will allow yourself to learn, transform and open your heart to a beautiful culture and part of the world. 

If you have any concerns or questions, do not hesitate to ask me before the trip. I have traveled to India & Goa and Lotus Yoga Retreat on many occasions and can give you more personal insight if you would like.

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I hope you will join me on this deeply relaxing & unique adventure in India!