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What: This teacher training program is dedicated to aspiring students interested in studying and learning about the science of pranayama in its most classical form. Whether you're new to yoga or an advancing practitioner looking to sharpen your awareness—our aim is to provide students with all the necessary philosophies, concepts, practices, and tutorials required in order to establish their own personal pranayama sadhana; developing themselves into highly knowledgeable practitioners and qualified teachers of pranic studies. 

The layout of our teacher training program is focused on developing highly
knowledgable practitioners and qualified teachers in the science of pranayama.

The training consists of two integral portions:

The first portion of the training is a thirty-day intensive, consisting of six hour days, six days a week, in which we will be deeply exploring a structured course layout that examines the totality of prana, the science of pranayama, and the education of pranic knowledge. Combining a strong daily practice with important training demonstrations, teaching methods, and daily study assignments, students will leave this intensive with an entirely new mind, inspired to take on the next portion of the training.

The second portion of the training consists of take-home studies, where students will be required to complete and submit their designated coursework, consisting of project assignments, required studies, essay submissions, practicums, and a final presentation. With the second portion of the training, students take on a very important stage in developing themselves as prana yogis; cultivating a personal yoga sadhana that integrates into all regions of their life, developing an honest awareness with themselves of how to teach from their current seat of knowledge and experience. During the second portion of the training, students will have a nine-month grace period to complete and finalize their coursework, providing lots of room to grow, evaluate, and integrate the training.

Who: Pranayama Sadhana School of Pranic Studies: The course will be lead by faculty, Engel, founder and director of Pranayama Sadhana. Beginning his journey of self-inquiry at a young age, he began pursuing the questions, 'Who am I? From where do I come? Where do I go, and what must I do?' This pursuit was ultimately his awakening to the path of yoga. Having devoted his life to the studies of pranayama, Engel shares an entirely new chapter of classical teachings that inspire subtle knowledge and self inquiry.

Where: Vancouver, Canada

Investment: $2750

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