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What: This practitioner development program is designed to connect you to the very foundations of pranayama and propel you forward into a self-realized, inquisitive state. Our aim with this training is to develop knowledgeable practitioners in the science of pranayama, providing students with all the necessary philosophies, concepts, practices, and tutorials required, to help strengthen your personal pranayama sadhana.

The training is organized into two back to back weekends, where students will be attending five hour classes over the course of six days. Each day of the training is structured into a conversation that explores the science of pranayama and the necessary steps required in developing a personal pranayama sadhana. Each day begins with practice, accompanied by a thorough overview of the practice. We will also be work-shopping individual breathing patterns, engaging in group discussions, as well as immersive study all to help provide guidance and valuable cues towards inspiring and shifting your personal sadhana.

Who: Pranayama Sadhana School of Pranic Studies: The course will be lead by faculty, Engel, founder and director of Pranayama Sadhana. Beginning his journey of self-inquiry at a young age, he began pursuing the questions, 'Who am I? From where do I come? Where do I go, and what must I do?' This pursuit was ultimately his awakening to the path of yoga. Having devoted his life to the studies of pranayama, Engel shares an entirely new chapter of classical teachings that inspire subtle knowledge and self inquiry.

Where: Vancouver, Canada

Investment: $550

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