Thank you to everyone who joined us during this transformational week!

Check this space for 2015 retreat details! 

Mags & I are collaborating to create a week of yoga, healthy food & inspiration! We are very excited to share this amazing adventure and hope you will join us as we learn & transform together. 

Experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica: relax on the pristine beaches, surf the perfect waves

and explore the funky surf town of Santa Teresa

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your teachers

Mags started doing yoga in 2003 and experimented with various styles, including hatha, vinyasa flow, vinyasa krama and power yoga, before she fell in love with ashtanga yoga in 2009. Since then, ashtanga yoga has become her daily practice and she has participated in numerous classes, workshops and retreats around Europe and India with internationally-recognized teachers such as Hamish Hendry and Ronald Steiner.

In 2011, she turned her organized life upside down by quitting her full time job as a translator and moving to India to follow her passion of yoga. This decision has opened the door to a journey of self-discovery and spiritual exploration, which has transformed her understanding and meaning of life and yoga completely. She has completed 500 hours with Kranti Yoga Teacher Training School in India, where she currently works. In her classes, she loves to challenge her students both physically and mentally, creating a safe environment for a strong physical workout and paying particular attention to proper alignment and anatomy in asanas as well as space for internal growth and self-exploration.

She’s a strong believer in the power of smile and laughter and the importance of following one’s dreams, an intuitive idealist and explorer whose infectious enthusiasm and zest for life inspire her students and help them find what yoga truly means for them.

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Lauren first began her practice as a teenager with curiosity but intended to get nothing more than a good sweat. After graduating from University in 2010, she fed her appetite for travel and fulfilled her dream of traveling to India. She embarked on a journey of a lifetime to volunteer at a family run yoga retreat in the Southwest corner of India. She was instantly enchanted by her new home, Lotus Yoga Retreat, and everything that accompanied it: Mother India and her smells, yoga in all shapes, forms and styles and the thrill of living in an exotic country. She became aware of an entirely new way of living: a life more simple, spiritual and healthy in both body & mind. 

Lauren spent three years in India exploring her passion for yoga, sampling as many different yoga classes as possible. In 2011, she completed her 200 hour training with Ashtanga guru, Kranti. In 2013, she ventured to the majestic island of Bali where she completed her 300 hour training alongside the woman of Yoga Arts: Rose Baudin, Louisa Sear & Lucy Roberts. 

Lauren’s classes reflect a fusion of breath, movement and stillness. She aims to bring accessibility to all students with modifications to make the posture most beneficial for their bodies. She encourages students to find themselves: their bodies, breath and emotions, and to acknowledge  the present moment in a non-judging state. Each class is a positive and awakening space to open the mind and cultivate compassion and restoration for the body. She loves yoga philosophy, ayurveda and sanskrit and weaves theory throughout the asana experience.

Lauren currently resides and teaches in Costa Rica. She lives for new experiences, piña, tropical places, chocolate and the continual flow of inspiration she receives from yoga. 

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hosted at Nautilus Boutique Hotel 

Santa Teresa, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica

In the midst of pristine jungle, and just a minute’s walk to the waves Nautilus offers one, and two bedroom luxury villas with fully equipped, designer kitchens, comfortable living areas, private terraces, spacious bathrooms with marble counter tops, as well as rain showers, and beautifully appointed bedrooms that feature sumptuous king, or full, size beds with 100% organic Egyptian cotton sheets.

Details make the magic and not a single one is left unattended to at Nautilus, where you will delight in pleasures such as organic bath products, luscious linens, fresh flowers and local art.

Within the grounds of this enchanting property guests will enjoy lush tropical gardens, a crystal clear, inviting pool with comfortable lounges and Olam, the hotels own vegetarian and raw food restaurant. The spacious open-air yoga deck sits above Olam where you will practice yoga while surrounded by a vista of rich tropical jungle and the sounds of paradise.

A family run business, Nautilus is directed and attended to by Adi, Arik and Edi who bring warmth, hospitality, generosity of spirit and tranquility to every aspect of the hotel and restaurant experience. Nautilus has 7 villas with a capacity to host 22 people. Your experience will be intimate and the property will be enjoyed by like-minded people  who are also looking for solitude and serenity. 

*schedule subject to change 

*schedule subject to change 


for more information or to reserve your space, please email us at


see you on your mat in the sunshine!


Lauren & Mags