Lauren is passionate about holistic health, exploring the world and empowering others to live vibrant and meaningful lives.

She is a natural born explorer who lives, learns and loves around the globe. 

Her yoga journey began while in University during the bitter cold New England winters. Months after graduating, Lauren gathered her backpack and bought a ticket to South India. She spent 5 months volunteering at a small yoga retreat on a sunny, palm lined beach and was instantly enchanted by her new home: Mother India, yoga in all shapes, forms, and styles, and the adventure of living in a foreign country. 

It was then that she became aware of an entirely new way of living:

a life more simple, sustainable and healthy in both body & mind. 

Lauren followed her heart and dove deeper into a yoga practice, completed her first YTT, and began teaching the day after.

Raise Your Beat was born organically as an outlet for her to document her journey, and quickly evolved with a larger vision and purpose. 

Raise Your Beat is an invitation to educate, inspire and empower yourself through a talented, diverse and unique community of holistic health practitioners, yogis, creatives, entrepreneurs and everything in between! 

Connection, communication and collaboration is at the heart of Raise Your Beat. 

It is a sacred online space which encourages each of us to awaken to our highest potential and serve the world with passion, courage and love!


We are always looking for authentic, creative and diverse contributors to submit content and join our community!

Raise Your Beat offers information on healthy and positive living. 

We promote leaders within the world of holistic health, sustainable brands and projects around the globe.

Why be a part of Raise Your Beat?

  • You will have the opportunity to share your own wisdom with a global community — essentially, you will be educating people with ways in which they can improve their lives to live happier and healthier. 
  • Once your post has gone live on the site, we will ensure it reaches as many people as possible through our Facebook, quarterly newsletters and will be stored on Raise Your Beats collection under it's given category.
  • You will be able to channel your own creative energy — the internet is a wonderful tool for connecting with a like-minded community. If the idea of sharing your own personal stories, experiences and wisdom with others is appealing, yet you are overwhelmed by creating your own website/blog, then Raise Your Beat is a perfect way to let your voice be heard! 
  • Promote your own teaching, projects, website/blog and connect with as many potential students/friends/positive beings as possible! 
  • We require regular contributions — 2 times monthly minimum to become an integral part of the community.

Here are the simple requirements: 

Blog pieces must be no less than 400 words, and no more than 1000 words:

  • The exact content can not be published anywhere else on the web. If you have your own websites/blogs and you would like to share something you have already written, please make edits to keep the article fresh and unique.  
  • Themes can be anything related to holistic health (and not limited) to yoga, food, travel, art, sustainability — we ask that all content has positive, accessible and inspiring messages for readers.
  • Raise Your Beat will make edits to ensure the content is appropriate and of the highest quality writing. 
  • Ensure you give credit if you are citing a study, health statistic, quote, teacher, etc. 
  • If you are sharing content in the form of a video please include 2-20 sentences on why you are sharing — for example, what is its significance, why will it benefit the readers, what you love most about it.
  • We encourage you to submit your own personal photos to go along with your content. Photos which are shot outdoors or with natural lighting work best. Please only send high resolution images.
  • Raise Your Beat has the right to edit any photos and uses professional website editing resources to enhance photos. If you do not have high quality images, Raise Your Beat will use a high resolution photo(s) from our own collection that will correlate with your post. Do not send any photos which are not your own.
  • Raise Your Beat will only post and share what we feel is aligned with our ethics and high quality standards of writing. Expect confirmation within 2 weeks of submission if your post has been accepted. RYB will share new posts within a 2-4 week period.

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